Thursday, November 1, 2012

I love this girl!!!!

Every year, I choose to make my 10 year olds costume. Every year we struggle! She's my middle child, and my  child with the most spunk! She has an opinion about everything, some years she says she just wants to be "normal" like everyone else, and just go to Target and buy a costume. When this happens it makes me sad. What I struggle with the most is what I love the most about her! This year.....there was no struggle...yay! She decided that she wanted to be a clown, the very minute she saw that giant sunflower that squirted! I bought the sunflower immediately, and began to work on how to make her the cutest clown ever! She of course still had her opinion, and she actually helped! This is what we came up with, and this is my absolute favorite year! Not because it's the best costume I have ever made, but because we had so much fun making it together, oh and because she LOVED it! Sometimes I need a little reminder that what really matters is how she feels!!!!!!

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