Monday, August 30, 2010

Fried Rice!

This is how my fried rice looks this time, but this is one of those recipes that could be different every time you make it. The only thing that always stays the same is that second picture. Ground Ginger is the secret ingredient that give the rice that yummy Asian flavor. The trick to fried rice is to cook everything separate and then throw it all in the pan together at the end. This is what I used this time...

2 cups of cooked minute rice
4tbl garlic powder
chopped steak (leftover from the night before, but you can use any meat)
5 scrambled eggs
4 tbl ground ginger
1 cup olive oil
2 heads steamed broccoli
4 green onions chopped
salt and pepper

Just cook everything separate throw it in a large pan or wok, and stir fry it!

This is great to cook at the end of the week, because you can use your leftovers from the week. There are so many variations to fried rice, sometime I use shrimp, or chicken, and I always switch the vegetable up. Zucchini or cabbage, whatever your family loves!

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