Thursday, August 5, 2010

Very Cute Craft For A Boy

As the end of summer is approaching, we seem to be having more and more kids over to play. I always try to have a craft for the kids to do, but it is really hard to find something for boys. Today, to help put us in the back to school mode, we made pencil boxes. This was very easy and very inexpensive. I just bought round wooden circles, scrapbook paper, a plain white pencil box, small wooden bats, and some letter stickers.

First the boys painted the circles to look like baseballs, then cut the scrapbook paper to fit on the top of the pencil box, glued it on, then added their names with the stickers, once the baseballs were dry I helped them hot glue the baseballs, and the bats. Very easy and very cute! Oh and course they had to add their jersey number on the ball!

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